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Why do most students fail at descriptive writing? 10 tips to overcome the problem



Descriptive writing

Descriptive writing aims to describe a person, event, or object. An effective descriptive essay includes several sensory details that help the readers to create a clear image of the subject in their mind. Writers of novels usually use descriptive writing when they try to create an image of the locations and environment in their stories. an essay writer must keep in mind that no detail is unimportant that can be avoided; include every minute detail while describing a person, object, or event.

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Most of the students fail to write descriptive text because they are not fully aware of the elements that are necessary to add quality to the descriptions. The most common mistake that students make in descriptive writing is that they use past tense instead of the present which confuses the readers. The structure of descriptive writing is also very important; elements should be described in order of their importance and this characteristic is ignored by a majority of students.

10 tips for an effective descriptive writing

There are some very common things that must be kept in mind while describing any subject. These tips will definitely help you to eliminate the things that reduce the effectiveness and add the elements that improve the quality of descriptive writing.

  1.     Never overuse description; if you do not want to confuse and bore your readers you must not go overboard with the description. Never use descriptions as a technique of page filling this is highly unlikable for the instructors. Enrich your writing with small focused details because for professionals every small detail plays a significant role.
  2.      The mood of the description and plot must always match. Do not describe the subject at a different pace from your story. For example, if write my paper service provider is describing a battle scene, you must use short sentences which contain fierce words; each word shows a violent act of war. On the other hand, if you are describing a surreal moment like sunset then use longer sentences and use soft working like rays of sunlight dancing across the room.
  3.     Most readers have vivid imaginations while reading any type of book, use this as a plus point for descriptive writing. Playing with such readers’ minds is very easy, do not use direct wording to describe a scene, use imaginative language while describing a scene like smell or weather; do not rush in describing a moment.
  4.     Extensive use of symbols and figurative speech is highly recommended. Metaphors, analogies, and similes can help you in creating an image in your reader’s mind. but do not overuse them in every sentence of the description.
  5.     Directly jumping to the point is very unattractive in descriptive writing. Almost every college essay writing service makes this mistake which loses the quality of work. Take your time, add extra details in your sentences, and dig deeper into the details.
  6.     If you want to enhance your description skills then comic books are the finest way. Comic books use description writing in the most appropriate way.
  7.     Do not use common adjectives, nouns, and verbs while describing anything. There are specific words and adjectives that add extra weight to your description.
  8.     Revise your essay 4-5 times and if possible ask your friends to read it for you in order to check the effectiveness of your words in readers' minds.
  9.     Eliminate direct and obvious words from your essay. Do not forget that readers will picture every word in their minds, too many obvious words will create a mess and confuse the readers.
  10. You can also take help from write my essay for me service help companies that provide formats and guiding material for every type of writing to get a rough idea about descriptive writing.  


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